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'Headphones' - Single

Headphones is a catchy, upbeat, feel good pop tune from Leo Kelly-Gee which will have you tapping your feet and itching to sing along. 


‘Headphones’ is a love letter to the indescribable feeling that you get when you have your favourite music playing in your ears and you can't help but dance along and imagine you're the main character in your own music video. But, of course, you're never really alone when you've got your headphones on.


Headphones Album Cover BIG.png

'Brother' - Single

Written shortly after leaving home for the first time, the song is a touching look back at a childhood spent as an older brother looking out for a younger sibling.


With masterful guitar work, powerful evocative lyrics and a chorus that you can’t help but sing along to, ‘Brother’ is the heartwarming soundtrack to anyone who knows what it’s like to grow up with a younger brother in their lives.


'Free' - Single

‘Free’ is a truly exceptional piece of acoustic songwriting by Singer-Songwriters Leo Kelly-Gee and Matt Ginno.


The perfect combination of masterful yet melodic guitar work, crystal clear vocals and powerful evocative lyrics, ‘Free’ is the aspirational soundtrack to 2021 and perfect for any acoustic playlist.


Written during lockdown and recorded at the end of 2020, the song speaks to the yearning desire to escape; to break free and experience life at its fullest again.

Free Final Artwork.png

Under A Blue Sky - EP

Under A Blue Sky is Leo's Debut EP released in 2016.

A unique blend of Rock, Pop, Blues and Americana, Leo's skills come to the fore with melodic fingerpicknig, smooth yet sensitive pop vocals, thoughtful, witty instrospective lyrics and powerful ear-pleasing choruses all over iconic horn and string lines.

rsz_under_a_blue_sky_cover_art_1 (1).jpg
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